Album - CD Cover - Cloud Gate Dream

Yvens Fernandes is a singer/songwriter from Brazil. After visiting Chicago last year, he hired me to do some photos of Chicago and more specifically Cloud Gate. The cover of the CD coming out is a composite from one of my photos. It was shot early in the morning before the crowds arrived. Had to photoshop out my reflection and the 2 remote Canon 600 flashes I had underneath. Night sky added later.
Here's a copy of the original and final.

You can get Yven’s 4th album named Cloud Gate Dream through CDBaby and soon it will be available at Spotify, Itunes, etc.

List of songs

  1. Beacon Hill Lights

  2. Beacon Hill Lights Remix

  3. Cloud Gate Dream

  4. Craggy Heights

  5. Hues of Blue

  6. New Leaf

  7. Over the Rail Track

  8. Rivers

  9. Stone Cross

  10. Tempora Mutantur

  11. Time is Not Kind

Beatseeds - Cloud Gate dream - Capa final.jpg